Zee, is a perpetual collector of skills who is guided by boundless curiosity and a reverence for craftsmanship. Their career path has included restaurant pastry kitchens, small-scale farms, landscaping, childhood education, illustration, and sewn goods manufacturing.

At the heart of Zee's ethos are values like craftsmanship, resourcefulness, creative problem-solving, and a commitment to community resilience and ecological justice. Their textile work serves as a medium to practice these principles, through sewing services and garment making they reflect their love of functionality, playfulness, and designing for longevity.

As a dedicated sewist, patternmaker, sewing machine mechanic, visual artist, and gardener, Zee's multidimensional talents are in constant develpment, they see their skills as a practice where there is always room for growth (and acceptance).

Within their visual art, Zee explores their values and seeks to express feelings resonant with the collective subconsious, through narrative abstraction and surreal compositions.

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self portrait 2023